Your Questions Answered About Aftermarket Parts

jcb aftermarket parts

In a world full of OEM, genuine and aftermarket parts, it's hard to understand what you are buying and the difference between them all. At Interpart, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of aftermarket parts. Below we answer the most common questions to help you choose and purchase the best aftermarket parts.

What are aftermarket parts?

First, what are aftermarket parts? 

Aftermarket parts are spare parts made by someone who is not the original manufacturer. At Interpart, we supply genuine aftermarket parts for JCB machinery.  

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What is the purpose of aftermarket parts?

Existing parts on your machinery can be damaged or may stop working as efficiently due to general wear and tear. Aftermarket parts replace the damaged parts in your machinery. 

Buying replacement parts for your machinery from the original manufacturer can be expensive. Aftermarket parts can be a great alternative option, as they can be cheaper, more easily accessible and often better quality. 

Are aftermarket parts new?

Aftermarket parts are brand new, replacement parts - not used parts. Purchasing aftermarket parts are just like buying new ones - they are just made by a different manufacturer than the manufacturer of your machinery.

Similarly to genuine parts, aftermarket parts can be sold used, but they are usually new. At Interpart, we sell our aftermarket JCB spare parts brand new.

What are the benefits of choosing aftermarket parts?

There are a few benefits to choosing aftermarket parts instead of buying genuine ones. They can be cheaper, better quality and often more easily accessible. When you buy genuine parts, you have one choice of retailer - the original manufacturer. When buying aftermarket parts, you have multiple choices and most aftermarket parts suppliers have more parts in stock and are ready for dispatch.

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Aftermarket parts may vary in quality, so make sure you source aftermarket parts from a reputable manufacturer to ensure good quality.

Are aftermarket parts bad for my machinery?

It depends on where you buy your aftermarket parts, but most aftermarket parts are not only often better for your wallet, but they may perform better than genuine parts. 

If you have had machinery repaired in the past, you may find that they have repaired it using aftermarket parts. Garages and repair shops often use aftermarket parts rather than genuine OEM versions without you even realising.

What we do at Interpart!

At Interpart, we supply genuine alternative parts for your JCB machinery. Every part we supply has been rigorously tested to make sure our customers only receive high-quality, reliable parts. We also ensure that all products are available for quick dispatch.

If you’re unsure of what parts you need, you can use our handy parts finder using the part number and get a quick quote. If you don’t know your part number, you can find the JCB spare part you need by using your machine serial PIN here