The Definitive Guide to the JCB 3cx


The JCB 3cx is an iconic backhoe loader produced by JCB since the 1980s. It has become a staple JCB machine throughout the construction and farming world due to its fantastic ability to dig and move almost anything. Here you’ll find out everything you need to know about them.

History of the JCB 3cx

The JCB backhoe loader was invented in 1953, and the first of the 3cx range, the JCB 3cx Sitemaster backhoe loader, was first produced in 1985. This variation has since gone on to be JCB’s most popular ever backhoe. The 3cx sitemaster was the only one in the 3cx range up until 2015, when the JCB 3cx Compact was released, a machine 35% smaller than the sitemaster, designed to work in more congested worksites. Other notable models include the JCB 3cx Hammermaster released as a one off in 1985 and the JCB 3cx Compact Highways Master also released in 2015 and made specifically for repairing roads. In the year the 3cx was released, JCB sold their 100,000th backhoe, proving its importance in the JCB world, and the 3cx is the pinnacle of the backhoe family.

What does the JCB 3cx do?

The 3cx is designed to be the master of all jobs on any work site. It is the market leading backhoe loader, consisting of a tractor unit with a loader/shovel at the front and a backhoe towards the back of the machine. Due to their components, they can be used for a huge range of jobs of a worksite including demolition, construction and transportation, making them an incredibly useful and popular machine. The 3cx is generally smaller than most backhoe loaders, meaning that it can operate in smaller spaces. This means it can access previously inaccessible locations, further ensuring its value on the worksite. All of this is done without compromising on quality of parts and technology. There are numerous attachments available for both the front and back, meaning the 3cx is often all you need.

The newest models

The current JCB 3cx range includes the Sitemaster, the Compact and the Compact Highways Master. The Sitemaster range contains several models, all with different specifications and qualities. This includes power trains from 55kw to 81kw, and operating weights from 7887kg to 9500kg. They do however all have a dig range of 6.51m and all have adaptable parts ensuring their versatility on site. The range contains 2wd and 4wd models and some include the TorqueLock system ensuring a greater top speed for longer. Alongside this, they also contain a new, modern cab ensuring a smooth and comfortable day on the job.

The newest 3cx compact models are slightly smaller than the Sitemaster but contain all the oomph you need. They have a max engine power of 55kw, max dig depth of 4.33m and an operating weight of 6070kg. They are 25% lower than a standard 3cx and 50cm narrower, meaning they’re even more equipped for the previously hard to access areas. They also have a small turning circle of 6 meters. They contain a comfortable cab with standard excavator controls, meaning comfort isn't compromised and ease of use is better than ever. They can use a wide range of attachments just like the Sitemaster, meaning this compact machine can tackle any job.

The 3cx Compact Highways Master has the same specifications as the 3cx compact however its front end is built for resurfacing road surfaces.

All 3cx models are incredibly safe and secure, just to create that extra peace of mind.

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