Interesting Facts about JCB

two jcb backhoe loaders

Since 1945, JCB has been revolutionising the machinery used in the construction and agriculture industries. They are a driving force in creating and innovating new technology to continually change the game. As the only genuine alternative part supplier for JCB, we thought we’d share with you some fun facts about JCB below!

  1. Sir Anthony Bamford was born on the same day his Father, Joseph Cyril Bamford CBE, created JCB, so they share the same birthday.
  2. JCB was the first and is still the only company to develop and manufacture a high-speed tractor. The Fastrac can travel up to 65kph/40mph on roads, combining all the benefits of a normal tractor with road versatility.
  3. The JCB Fastrac has won numerous awards including the Prince of Wales award for Innovation and also won the world record for the world’s fastest Tractor in 2019, where it reached the speed of 135 mph driven by Guy Martin.
  4. The original reason behind the bright yellow colour of JCB machinery is for safety reasons as it can be seen on a site day and night. Over the years it has become one of the ways to distinguish JCB machinery from other manufacturers. Some people prefer to choose their own colour, with green being the next most popular colour!
  5. JCB machinery were initially coloured in white and red before being changed to the famous yellow colour.
  6. JCB were the first to use the term ‘Backhoe Loader’ in 1953, but it is now used by many different manufacturers of machinery in the industry.
  7. Each piece of JCB machinery goes under 400 different quality and safety checks before it is sold.
  8. The first piece of machinery built by Mr Bamford was a tipping trailer. He made it using a £1 welding set and then sold it at the local market in 1945 for £45.
  9. The word JCB features in the Oxford English dictionary and is defined as ‘a type of large machine for digging and moving earth that consists of a large bucket on the end of an arm attached to a vehicle’.
  11. The famous kids’ television show, Teletubbies, was filmed using the power from two JCB generators.
  12. JCB currently manufactures over 300 different types of machines for the construction and agriculture industries, so it isn’t uncommon to see a JCB on most construction sites.
  13. JCB features in many different songs, including the UK Christmas hit of 2006, The JCB Song by Nizlopi.
  14. JCB employs around 11,000 people around the world, with its products being sold in over 150 countries through 2000 depot locations.

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