The Definitive Guide to the JCB Telehandler


JCB were the first to explore the telehandler concept, and their constant innovation around telehandlers is one of the reasons that they remain the world’s number one choice. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the JCB Telehandler Loadall range.

History of the JCB Telehandler

The iconic JCB Telehandler was first launched on October 20th 1977. To this day, well over 200,000 units have been sold. The first model was named the JCB 520 Telescopic Handler, which proved to be very successful. The innovative product was designed to lift and move heavy items on worksites and farms, a task that had previously been completed by workers. This made their job much easier, creating a need for the telehandler all over and ensuring that it’s still one of JCB’s most popular products to this day. Today, JCB produces over 30 Telehandler models, all with different specifications including lift capacity, lift height and different drivetrains, making them the market leader in the telescopic handler world.

What does a JCB Telehandler do?

The JCB Telehandler Loadall range has always been focused on manoeuvrability and performance. They are designed to incorporate 3 necessary machines all in one. A forklift, a wheel loader and a skid steer loader. They each have the ability to change the front attachment, allowing them to perform different loading tasks around the workplace. This ensures they are adaptable to almost every situation, creating the most versatile lifting machine in the world. They are designed to maximise visibility through their unique windows and increase longevity through their innovative engines and specialist panels and tyres. JCB Telehandler Loadalls are all about ease around the workplace when it comes to lifting and moving, creating more time and energy for other tasks.

The newest models

The newest JCB Telehandler Loadalls have a lift capacity ranging from 2500kg to 4100kg. They all have different engine power ranging from 19kw to 81kw, allowing them to be functional at different speeds. Each of them has superior build quality, comfort and technology within the cabin. The JCB 525-60E is their newest model, which is completely electric powered, producing zero emissions, yet not compromising on performance whatsoever. The perfect JCB telehandler for you is often categorised on lift height, and the JCB range of Telescopic Handlers has machines ranging from 6m to 20m max lift height, ensuring most lifting is doable on site, providing you don’t need a crane of course.

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