The Benefits of Buying Aftermarket JCB Parts

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What are aftermarket parts? 

Aftermarket parts are made by a company that isn’t the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), they are intended to be a replacement for an original part. They are not used parts. They may vary in quality, so it is important to source parts from a reputable manufacturer to ensure the quality. 

We understand aftermarket parts can get confusing, so we've put answered the most asked questions around aftermarket parts. Or, read our blog to find out the difference between genuine, OEM, aftermarket and used parts.

Why purchase aftermarket JCB parts? 

Many businesses rely on their machinery to generate revenue and cash-flow, regularly maintaining your JCB machinery is important in ensuring its longevity. Replacing parts is an important part of regular maintenance, so choosing high-quality replacements is crucial.  

Genuine JCB parts are designed for optimum performance and durability, but they are often very expensive so choosing more affordable alternative parts is often a better choice for many businesses and companies. 


What are the benefits of buying aftermarket parts? 

  • Less Expensive 

Buying replacement parts from the original equipment manufacturer can often be more costly than choosing to buy from aftermarket part suppliers. Aftermarket spare parts are generally less expensive than the OEM part. It is important to ensure that the quality of aftermarket parts is not compromised to justify the cost-saving, make sure to always purchase your aftermarket parts from a reputable supplier. 

  • Have more choice 

When purchasing an OEM part, you only have one choice, the original manufacturer. If you decide to purchase from an alternative parts supplier, then you will have more companies to choose from. With a greater choice of companies to buy from you have more control over the price, the time frame in which you receive your part and other factors. 

  • Better quality  

Depending on where you get your aftermarket part from, you may find it to be the same or even better quality than the OEM part. Commonly, parts supplied by the alternative parts market are in fact from the same manufactured source as the OEM parts.  


What are the disadvantages of buying aftermarket parts? 

  • Warranty on parts  

Many aftermarket parts suppliers don’t offer a warranty on their parts. So, should anything go wrong with your part/parts, they won’t be covered.  

At Interpart, our warranty terms match the OEM warranty period, so you can be assured that if anything is to go wrong, you’ll have the same cover as you would buying from the original manufacturer.   

  • Quality  

It is important to research where you plan on buying your products to ensure you receive high-quality parts. Some aftermarket manufacturers lower the quality of their product to offer cheaper prices. 

At Interpart, we ensure every part we supply has been rigorously trialled and tested to make sure our customers only receive high-quality, reliable parts.  


How we can help? 

At Interpart, we are proud to be the only genuine alternative JCB spare parts supplier. We supply over 7000 different alternative JCB parts, so whatever part you’re looking for we are confident we supply it.

Using country-specific distributors, we are able to sell our non-JCB spare parts to customers all over the world. We handpick our distributors and are proud to be partners with every single one.

We want to make finding the right aftermarket JCB part for you as easy as it can be, which is why we have created our handy parts finder. If you know the part number, click here for a quick quote or search below to add products to your quote list. If you don't know your part number, click here to find your machine serial PIN number then call our JCB spare parts gurus on 0161 998 9911 and they'll guide you through identification and pricing.