The most popular JCB machinery

JCB Machinery

JCB, starting from humble foundations in 1945, have undoubtedly dominated the construction and agricultural industries to become the global worldwide force in manufacturing that it is now. With 22 plants on four continents and more than 750 dealers around the world, they’re an internationally established brand, and Interpart have been the only genuine alternative JCB parts service provider since 1975. JCB has a special place in our hearts, and we wouldn’t be Interpart without them.

With a global footprint like this, it’s clear that there’ll be favourites amongst their range. We’re passionate about all things JCB, and have detailed a little on each of the most popular JCB machinery below.


Since 1977, JCB has been the first to explore the telehandler concept, and their constant innovation around telehandlers is one of the reasons that they remain the world’s number one choice. 

With models fit for agricultural and construction purposes, there’s a range of telehandlers for all applications. From the 540-200 which has a maximum lift height of 20m, with a maximum lift capacity of 4,000kg, to the 516-40 which has a maximum lift height of 4m, and a maximum lift capacity of 1,600kg. 

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JCB’s backhoe loader was born in 1953, and is still fresh today. Working hard over the years to constantly reinvent it, JCB are now the world’s biggest selling manufacturer, with nearly half of all backhoes sold being a JCB. With numerous models available, the dig depth range for all models goes from 4.33m up to 6.51m. 

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One of the most popular construction machines are excavators due to their digging power and mobility. In agriculture, it’s common to see Mini Excavators, whereas on the construction site, there are often Tracked Excavators and Wheeled Excavators as well. 

Mini Excavator

Mini Excavators are just that: small, powerful machines that can work in the tightest spots. JCB has a range of compact excavators, ranging from 0.8 to 10 tonnes. Amongst their comprehensive range, JCB are also leading the way with innovation within this sector too with their JCB E-Tech 19c - IE - the industry’s first electric mini excavator. 

Tracked Excavator

Ranging from 11 to 37 tonnes, Tracked Excavators are bigger than Mini Excavators, and they literally run on tracks - hence the name! JCB are dominant within this sector too, with numerous models available, all having their own perks from saved fuel consumption to more torque, and even the 220X which is their most advanced 20 tonne tracked excavator ever.

Wheeled Excavator

Wheeled Excavators are exactly that: wheeled excavators; a unique concept that was made to listen to what customers wanted. Popular for many reasons, but mostly for their design which favours purpose and efficiency. Newest recognisable models are the Hydradig - with the Hydradig Pothole Pro repairing potholes in 8 minutes - it’s easy to see why these are popular! 


Ahead of innovation again; JCB introduced a unique forklift in 1997, which had a telescopic boom instead of a conventional vertical mast. The perks to this style is forward visibility that is unrivalled within the industry, along with forward reach and large lift capacity - which all improves safety, saves time, and saves money. 

The world’s fastest tractor

Since 1991, JCB has been building the FastTrac; the fastest tractor in the world. Not only are these the fastest, but they’re unique in other ways too: their front and rear suspension (making for a ride of comfort and traction), and they’re the most comfortable and safest series of tractors on the market currently

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