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Part number: 331/14324
Cable - Throttle Assy

Part number: 332/T4376
Cable - Throttle Control (Teletruk)

Part number: 333/G6970
Throttle Cable (2CX)

Part number: 910/60192
Cable - Stop Solenoid

Part number: 910/48800
Cable - Throttle Assy

Part number: 814/00382

Part number: 910/60102
Cable - Throttle(Backhoe 2 CX)

Part number: 910/60196
Cable - Throttle (Backhoe 2 CX)

Part number: 910/60191
Cable - Throttle (Backhoe 2 CX)

Part number: 910/12200
Cable - Throttle

Part number: 910/60183
Cable - Throttle P41

Part number: 910/60086
Cable - Engine Control

Part number: 910/08800
Cable - Stop Control

Part number: 910/60084
Cable - Throttle

Part number: 910/21600
Stop Cable

Part number: 910/28400
Stop Cable

Part number: 910/16600
Stop Cable Assy- Leyland

Part number: 332/E6099
Cable - Throttle