Interpart’s USA Vision is Ontrack

Interpart launches in the USA

After many years of collaboration, we have initiated a joint venture in America with our dealer, Ontrack Machinery. It is called Interpart USA and is based in Miami. Richard Watson is President and the Vice-President is David Thomas.

We propose to open our doors to new business on November 4th and intend to trade with the same business model that proved a great success with our business in Spain, which commenced more than quarter of a century ago. Appointing Dealers in different regions of North, South and Central America is our main aim moving forward. We have many existing customers across these regions and we plan to reduce freight costs and serve them with fast-moving parts from our Miami warehouse.

If you are interested in becoming a Dealer or buying parts from us, please feel free to contact us at:- 

8311 NW 64 ST #4
FL 33166

TOLL FREE: +1 (844) 441-8983

MAINLINE: +1 (786) 323-7325

FAX: +1 (786) 323-7345


 See our USA landing page for details